Education Enrichment Customer Testimonials

“Our teachers have collaborated with Education Enrichment Services for many years. Carri Dunning and her professional staff work alongside our teachers to support our school’s educational programs. Students who have gone to Education Enrichment Services for assistance have all made tremendous progress, met their learning goals and are thriving in school today.”

Dianne Pascoe, Resource Specialist

“My son was diagnosed with dyslexia when he was six-years-old by a clinical psychologist. We were referred to Carri Dunning at EES. Carri’s confidence assured me that she knew exactly how to proceed in order to assist my son with his learning challenges. Carri and her team were efficient and effective in developing a plan specific to my child’s needs. I was impressed with EES ability to motivate him and provide the tools necessary to succeed academically. When my son changed schools in second grade, his teachers said he displayed no obvious signs of dyslexia. He is now in fourth grade and truly enjoys school and has become a leader in the classroom.”

Dr. Jennifer Datwyler

“Not only did EES agree to the challenge with little time to succeed, they went above and beyond…”

Lori, Parent

“I appreciate EES organizational skills, as well as their abilities to help guide my students.”

Nancy, Teacher

“Our son was diagnosed with high-functioning autism…EES has been the driving factor behind his success in mainstream public education.”

Eric, Parent

“My daughter was 6 when I realized she was having reading comprehension issues. After meeting with EES, I realized their values are directly in line with my beliefs to assist with my daughter’s needs. Not only did they work on her reading comprehension issues, but the curriculum provided has given her the tools to assist her in her academic future. Thanks to the personalized curriculum that EES developed with my daughter, she is now reading two to three grade levels ahead of her current grade AND maintaining straight A’s as well! Thank you EES!!”

Jennifer Stephens

“I am so happy to talk about Educational Enrichment Services. Carri and her team have made such a Monumental difference in my son, Garrett’s, life. Despite having had a tutor since first grade and being in a small group setting for school, Garrett has steadily struggled. By 5th grade, Garrett had fallen a full level below his peers and referred to school as being “sent to jail”. After 8 months Garrett is feeling much more successful. What used to be a four hour ordeal every night to complete homework has been literally “cut in half”. More importantly, Garrett is able to think of ideas he wants to convey in his writing and then write in an organized format. His attitude in class and about homework has changed 180 degrees. His ability to participate in class and his production in class has gone up so much there are nights he does not have homework. Garrett’s behavioral and cognitive changes have resulted in a significant success rate quickly, but far more importantly, for the rest of his academic career! l was really dreading middle school but with Carri’s help both Garrett and I anticipate a positive outcome. I really feel EES program is the difference between losing Garrett in a mire of depression, distress and failure or being able to cheer him onto happiness, confidence, and future success.”

Vickie Sullivan, DDS
Dr. Vickie at Magic Smiles Dentistry
El Dorado Hills

“Educational Enrichment Services has been an invaluable tool for our son’s understanding of math and writing. My son has grown in his confidence and maturity under EES tutelage.”


“Our boy had a hard time facing new challenges. He is high functioning autistic in language and comprehension. ESS played an important role in enabling our son to think more critically and helped lay a foundation to build upon his reading and comprehension skills.”


“After meeting and working with Carri at EES, I am now a firm believer that anything is truly possible if you work hard and never give up. EES has changed my life for the better.”

Former student

“EES tested our son and set up a customized plan for him. Her documentation, use and knowledge of curriculum is no less than stellar. I do not know how else to say it, I truly believe there is NO “tutoring company” like EES in the Sacramento area. If you truly are serious about your child acquiring strategies for learning, decoding, test-taking and becoming a lifelong learner….EES will be a match.”

Amy Bermudes

“My son was tested and diagnosed with dyslexia. We were referred to Education Enrichment Services. EES conducted a thorough academic assessment, pinpointed his deficits and created a plan. EES also assisted with instruction on writing and organizational skills. For the first time my son received all “A’s” in school and his attitude improved as did our relationship. Thanks to EES I’m confident My son will continue to excel. We couldn’t be more grateful to Carri and her staff. I highly recommend their services. It will make a profound difference in your child’s life.”


“I’ve struggled with math my entire life so I looked for a tutor and I found Education Enrichment Service, (EES) and I can tell you Carri and her teachers changed my life. I received the support and dedication I needed to succeed – I never would have accomplished this without the people at EES. The confidence and study skills I learned at EES were a large factor in my successful return to school. With the help of Carri and one very patient, organized tutor, EES helped me through the tedious process of applying to several graduate schools and I got into every school I applied to. EES has changed my life for the better and I know they’ll change yours too.”

Kara Honeychurch

“EES has been a lifesaver to our family!”

Susan, Parent

“EES helped my son gain a sense of mastery and competence.”

Margie, Parent

“EES has creative ideas about improving kids’ writing skills. I highly recommend EES.”

Lai, Parent